Registration instructions
  1. Getting started.
    1. Go to the registration site
    2. Login for registered users:
      • In the welcome window, on the website,  enter your own Login and  Password, and press the button «Login»
      • If you forgot your password you must click on the link «Recover password»


        After that you will be redirected to the password recovery page


        In the E-mail field, you must enter the email address specified during registration and click on the' Send confirmation letter 'button. After that, a letter will be sent to your mail with instructions on how to recover your password

      • After recovering the password, it is necessary to act according to point 1.b
      • Login for unregistered users:
      • Follow the link in the welcome window Ā«RegistrationĀ»
      • Fill in the registration form (fields with an asterisk are required).
    3. After successfully completing all the previous actions, press the button «Register»
    4. Go to the e-mail specified during registration. There, a letter will be sent containing a notification of registration, and a link to confirm the correctness of the entered postal address, and to complete the registration procedure .
    5. After the responsible manager has verified the information you provided by the next letter, you will be notified of successful registration on the portal, or refusal of it, indicating the reasons..
    6. To gain access to the site, proceed according to point 1.b

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